Sunday, March 15, 2015

Game. Set. Love match?

Sam Querrey
POSTED BY DAVE: This should come as no surprise, but Bess and I discovered yet another thing, about which we disagree. This time? The reality dating show, "Millionaire Matchmaker," on Bravo. I'm a fan; Bess is not.

Top American tennis pro Sam Querrey recently appeared on "Matchmaker." Bess said (that WTA star Madison Keys said) that the "whole thing is fake." Hmm. Well, it is reality TV, after all. We all know that reality TV is not real, right?

But, I digress.

If you haven't seen "Matchmaker," the host is Patti Stanger, who grew up as a Jersey girl and is a third-generation professional match-maker. I think she's terrific; I would assume that Bess thinks she's not. Whatever.
Stanger, courtside with Querrey.

Patti calls 'em like she sees 'em. She's bold; she's brash. Liken her to a female McEnroe.

Does Sam find love?
No spoiler alert necessary. Don't worry; I won't ruin the episode, if you're hoping to catch it in reruns. But, I will share that Patti thinks Querrey is a "genuine guy" with a "good heart." He shares that his celebrity crush is Taylor Swift, and wants to find a woman who is "fun and energetic" and both "outdoorsy and a girly-girl." He wants to marry and start a family, and considers love to be when two people truly enjoy spending time together. (Sam, I'm posting all of this, in an effort to aid you, bachelor to bachelor, in your search.)

Again, I won't share any more than that. But, if you like tennis, enjoy reality TV, and consider yourself a hopeless romantic, then check out Querrey's episode of "Matchmaker." A fun hour of mindless entertainment!

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